Is Stomach Bloating a cause for concern

Feeling bloated, constipated

Stomach bloating can happen with or without constipation. I started noticing bloating when my first child was around two years. I traced this condition down to fresh dairy milk. I loved drinking Nesquik strawberry and banana powdered milk everyday. I would put two-three heaped spoons in a glass, shake the milk bottle and pour it in. I stopped doing this and my bloating reduced drastically. Within a year I still began to feel uncomfortable and this happened usually after I had tea or coffee which was attributed to dairy milk again. I tried powdered and carnation milk, no difference. Besides bloating pre and during your monthly cycle, it is fairly common a few years after childbirth, especially for someone like me that did not do any form of exercise apart from walks which was mainly during my journey to work. Looking back now, I began to realise that maybe some sort of regular sit-ups may have helped. If the stomach is bloating then regular exercise in that area or working out the body to affect the stomach would certainly help ease the bloating.

When i stopped my regular job the bloating seemed to get worse. I then decided to make an effort to cut down on tea or coffee drastically and because it is so addictive the only way was to stop buying it. I stopped buying coffee but had to consider the needs of others for tea. After a couple of months I was able to break the addiction, and I am so used to herbal tea now but still take coffee and tea on rare occasions.

I noticed a difference, but only for a year or so, and this was on and off. I wondered what was the cause this time? I couldn’t place my hands on anything, and decided to try eating gluten free products. I had not done any research at the time until i went to see a homeopathy practitioner. She tested me with some sort of machine attached to your thumb and, BINGO – yeast was one of the underlying causes. Wheat was the big challenge. I mean you find this in bread, biscuits and cakes which i absolutely loved. How was i going to cope? Since i found out I have been eating more of Irish bread, and anytime i eat cakes and biscuits i ensure that i take some herbal tea. My other option would be to buy wheat/gluten free flour made biscuits and cakes. I am still working on it, but also praying for a miracle.

In all of this though i had my individual peppermint, ginger and lemon/ginger herbal tea’s which relieved me a great deal especially at night. Herbal teas are great and i would recommend them to any adult.

One other thing that causes bloating for me is eating very large meals at a time. I wait till I am extremely hungry before I eat. Small meals are a must to reduce stomach bloating. It is not an easy journey, but I believe things are getting better as I have also changed my mind set to being completely positive. Find out what is causing your bloating?

Do’s to reduce bloating drastically:

*Positive mind set

*Eat the right food- non dairy cheese/milk

*Eat wheat free foods

*Eat more small meals as opposed to few large meals

*Drink herbal tea that would aid digestion and detoxification

Watch out for my next article in balancing your foods and nutrients. If you are cutting off calcium and wheat then what are you replacing it with?