Never new this was so important……..

…….. But everything is important these days. If you lack a vitamin the consequences build up and you may just attribute this symptom to flu or stress. Very recently i had a really bad flu. It went on for two weeks and in the process i lost my voice. After that i started feeling so tired and i found myself sleeping off while reading, watching or even on my daily webinar meetings. I rarely doze off – this only happens when i have had less than four hours sleep in a row for two nights which, is usually not the case. The sleep actually takes over me, i began to suffer from serious fatigue.

Since i suffer from anaemia, i decided to start taking my Feroglobin syrup regularly, i also began to drink more water and even picked up my gym clothes. I thought ” maybe it is because i haven’t been exercising”. Fortunately during the flu period, i had booked a blood test with my GP surgery considering it had been a while since i did one. In the past i had lacked calcium so, i had the urge to check. What later unfolded, was a heavy shortage of vitamin D. I did the blood test in the morning and by 6pm i received a text from the GP saying i should contact them urgently. Apparently i had been lacking vitamin D for a long while. The repetitive flu, colds, joint pains etc. Generally low immunity, fatigue, and the constant drowsing/sleeping was the last straw.

Natural sunlight is the best source of vitamin D. It is also free in comparison to fish, egg yolk mushrooms and all the other D foods. Half an hour in the midday sun supplies enough radiation to produce thousands of international units of  vitamin D.

LESSON LEARNT: Always check yourself, never over assume you could be lacking a major NUTRIENT

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