Back to the Earth for Great Health


When i think of the body and its organs, i see delicate, fragile and natural. In the past whenever i have an ailment or was unwell, i would immediately rush to the doctors and usually it turned out to be something minor. “Have some rest, take pain relief if you get any pain and, drink lots of fluids’’ the doctor would always say. On 3 occasions i have had medication besides pain relief in the past 14 years

In the last 5-6 years, i gradually weaned myself off ibuprofen onto paracetamol, then completely off that. However, there is some pain relief tucked somewhere in the house but my mind is completely blanked from that as am now drawn to plant oils for any ailment or condition i need relief from.

For headaches, i used peppermint oil in the past but now CBD oil has taken over ( a drop or two on my head or where the ache is and the job is done. I had terrible menstrual pain a few months back and i took 3 drops of the 750g CBD oil. It went straight to the pain.

The amazing thing about this plant oil is that it not only relieves pain, but it targets and heals most ailments and conditions. I will be posting an image immediately in my next post with more testimonies from me –



Can you remember the very first time you had an ache in your head? The most common aches in the body are in the head, and rightfully so, since it is right at the top of your body.  Let me give a very brief introduction to my headache journey. The headaches i have had and still have occasionally, are attributive to common colds and flu, period pains, lack of sleep and stress. These are the popular kinds of headaches. At one time i thought a migraine and stress headache was the same, but apparently, a migraine headache could range from mild to severe and even lead people to A &E. I have probably had this one-sided kind of a headache a couple of times in my life, but only on the mild side. I call this journey exciting because whenever i had a headache i would just pop paracetamol or panadol in my mouth and then for the more stronger pains, Nurofen would suffice. When i started becoming more health conscious, i told myself “i am going to change medication” guess what i changed to?  Ibuprofen!!

They are in the same category right. Very dumb move. And this time i was taking Ibuprofen for all aches. Anyway, i began to let diet play a part in my headache journey and also not forgetting the required amount of water and even much more a day. Slowly i went back to panadol and left the ibuprofen family for good. One important thing to take from this –  Dehydration is one of the main causes of headaches and Water is, of course, a lifesaver to most physical conditions in the body.










Never new this was so important……..

…….. But everything is important these days. If you lack a vitamin the consequences build up and you may just attribute this symptom to flu or stress. Very recently i had a really bad flu. It went on for two weeks and in the process i lost my voice. After that i started feeling so tired and i found myself sleeping off while reading, watching or even on my daily webinar meetings. I rarely doze off – this only happens when i have had less than four hours sleep in a row for two nights which, is usually not the case. The sleep actually takes over me, i began to suffer from serious fatigue.

Since i suffer from anaemia, i decided to start taking my Feroglobin syrup regularly, i also began to drink more water and even picked up my gym clothes. I thought ” maybe it is because i haven’t been exercising”. Fortunately during the flu period, i had booked a blood test with my GP surgery considering it had been a while since i did one. In the past i had lacked calcium so, i had the urge to check. What later unfolded, was a heavy shortage of vitamin D. I did the blood test in the morning and by 6pm i received a text from the GP saying i should contact them urgently. Apparently i had been lacking vitamin D for a long while. The repetitive flu, colds, joint pains etc. Generally low immunity, fatigue, and the constant drowsing/sleeping was the last straw.

Natural sunlight is the best source of vitamin D. It is also free in comparison to fish, egg yolk mushrooms and all the other D foods. Half an hour in the midday sun supplies enough radiation to produce thousands of international units of  vitamin D.

LESSON LEARNT: Always check yourself, never over assume you could be lacking a major NUTRIENT